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No dentist for the next 20 years, please!

Beginning of 2022, my dentist told me that we should get rid of at least three wisdom teeth “mid-term”. Asking what “mid-term” is, he said before the end of the year 🤯

Due to some procrastination and various appointments that came in between it took almost a year to finally have this event. Knowing the dentist from a personal recommendation, I knew it won’t be too bad. So I also wasn’t nervous at all. Thanks to modern anesthesia, the session itself was a little painful and after an hour all four wisdom teeth were out.

Julian with big cheeks one day after the wisdom teeth removal
Big cheeks on one day after the wisdom teeth removal

In the days after, I had quite some big cheeks due to the swelling. The daily rituals distributed throughout the day were 3x antibiotics, 4x Ibuprofen 600mg, and 2x Chlorhexamed. Thanks to those I had only a few hours of mild pain but at the same time I was super tired during the first two days so I had to take a nap every couple of hours. Today I had the stitches removed and the remaining pressure around the jawbone is also slowly going away.

One thing I can say for sure: I am so glad that I had this operation at this point in time when modern medicine takes away almost all pain. I have no interest in knowing how painful this might have been several decades ago.

I seem to be a big boy now without the evolutionary useless relic of wisdom teeth. However, I am happy to do the next 20 years without seeing a dentist for another operation 🙃

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