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How eBooks got me into reading again

Last year has been an exceptionally good year for me when it comes to reading. I have never really been a good reader – I am quite slow and get distracted quite easily. Probably for the same reasons I like podcasts a lot which is an activity you can do next to another one.

Me borrowing a bunch of books from the library where I probably manage to read only one.
Me borrowing a bunch of books from the library of which I probably manage to read only one

However, I like the activity of reading. And there had to be a way to become better at reading. I own a good quantity of physical books but they offered too many potential excuses:

  • Not having the right book with me (when traveling)
  • Not being able to read when the lights are off (e.g. in bed)
  • Books are heavy to carry around
  • Everyone can see what book I am reading (people might judge me based on it)
  • And probably many more…

Especially, the first two points on that list became quite a game-changer for me, once I found the right medium.

In January 2021, a friend of mine (thanks Tim!) borrowed me his Kindle device to read The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Ben Horowitz which I liked a lot. Not only the book but the entire experience of this device dragged me into eBooks. For two weeks, I brought this device everywhere as it fits into my jacket’s pocket and read on every occasion instead of doom-scrolling or similar activities.

One thing was clear, I didn’t want an Amazon device as it will lock me into their (probably comfortable) ecosystem with no way out. And Amazon is generally not a business I necessarily want to support if better alternatives exist.
Luckily, tolino (an alliance of various bookshops) launched its new tolino vision 6 later that year with updated specs that could compete with the latest kindle devices.

The result: From reading just a handful of books per year, I finished the second half of 2021 with 17 and 2022 with 35 read books on my virtual shelf (some were still physical books).

Stats of books read over the years with 2022 being the strongest year.
2019: 3 books; 2020: 2 books; 2021: 17 books; 2022: 35 books; 2023: 1 book.
Stats of books read over the years with 2022 being the strongest year

Books I enjoyed most in 2022 & 2021

Generally, you can follow my readings on my Goodreads profile.
Note to myself: At some point, I might want to replace the Goodreads profile with The StoryGraph.

I read quite some books over the last two years and the following ones I enjoyed most:

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