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Joining Phoenix R&D

Today is a very special day for me✨ I am joining Phoenix R&D to support the team around Raphael Robert and Konrad Kohbrok with running operations & project development.
After working on my own startup in the mental health space, this feels like coming home and working on something that creates an impact for everyone. Ever since writing my thesis on mass surveillance at the Management Center Innsbruck, I am a big privacy advocate. I strongly believe everyone should have free access to private and secure communication. Previously, I worked at Wire on bringing privacy & security to consumers, NGOs, and enterprises. In this new role, I will continue to work on unsolved problems in the space, around open source, privacy, and security but also federation, decentralization, and interoperability.

At Phoenix R&D, we work in close cooperation with academia to provide state-of-the-art messaging technology that is designed to be efficient, practical, private and secure.
I am excited about the journey ahead!

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