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Starting Wellsome

Together with my two friends Bradley Wilson and Tim Kremič we are building Wellsome to bring mental health to modern workplaces.

Coming from a workplace where I was the best performing sales person but wasn’t really supported when it came to mental health, thereafter I suffered from work-related burnout which then turned into a 9 weeks of sick leave and later resignation. When going through the German public healthcare system to find a therapist, I quickly stumbled upon many limitations and shortcomings of that system (private healthcare is often even worse).

The mental health revolution is happening now.

Amid the Great Resignation when so many employees are quitting their jobs due to high stress at work and poor company culture which is unsupportive to employees well-being and their mental health. In Germany mental health is now the second most common reason why employees take sick leave.

We’re seeing an increasing need and demand for mental health support at the workplace. Talking to many of our friends that work in fast paced workplaces around Europe, we’ve learned that many of them have also been struggling with managing stress and maintaining good mental health. We helped four of them to get support; three started therapy and one started coaching. Today they all have better awareness and a stronger resilience compared to the time when we first spoke to them about their struggles.

With Wellsome I want to make a change and prevent similar cases as mine. We create digital evidence-based well-being resources and provide every employee with an easy access to mental health which combines prevention, prediction and treatment.

Follow us on this journey 🎢

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